Hear what our clients have to say about us

For over 30 years we have had the pleasure of working with many fine families. We are very grateful and feel fortunate for their patronage. From business owners, executives, professionals and retirees we have always aimed to provide the highest possible level of service. This longevity and quality of service has led to the forging of relationships with our clients’ children and grandchildren over time. Each day we come to work feeling lucky that we get to work for the people that we do.

“Thank you so much for your kindness and friendship. The flowers and the generous donation to The Sharpe-Way Endowment is a wonderful memory of our dad. We know you had a great relationship with our dad. A special one to be sure. We know you’ll miss him as much as we do. We can’t thank you enough for your support and words of encouragement. Please know our thoughts and sympathy are with you as you grieve his loss.’Keep Smilin’.”

“I have been using The Sharpe-Way Group for my investment services and advice for 10 -15 years and have found the staff to be unfailingly professional, helpful and constantly mindful of my investment objectives. They provide a monthly statement of my portfolio and they review the portfolio quarterly and make any useful suggestions for possible changes. They also provide periodic updates on the financial performance of companies in the portfolio. They provide practical seminars on a timely basis to update their clients on economic and market trends and potential investment opportunities.

The support staff is also very helpful and prompt in responding to any queries or suggestions. During my years of investing I have used several brokerage firms but The Sharpe-Way Group is by far the best, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking sound investment advice and excellent service.”

“Although not normally at a loss for words, I find it difficult to know where to start in trying to tell others of my over 25 years of superb service from David Sharpe, including in that more than quarter century, years and decades of similar service from the team that backs him up, Yvonne Sauve, Jennifer Latter, Rebekah Rabe, and now his partner Glen Way. It is a great source of comfort, satisfaction and pleasure to be able to talk freely to any one of them when the one I call is busy. When a return call is requested, it is received promptly.

Perhaps most important is the element of trust. I have never doubted that David and his group have anything but my interests at the forefront in any transactions, recommendations, reports, information, etc. There is never a hint of portfolio churning for its own sake; many times after a review by him the recommendation is “Steady as she goes, no suggestions for change right now.”

In terms of attention to detail, I cannot recall one instance where a request of mine was not executed precisely as agreed on the phone.

In summary, I would like to point out that David and his group have been instrumental in making my wife and me financially comfortable, and keeping us that way in spite of several substantial withdrawals of capital over the years for major personal purchases.

I cannot conceive of better overall service anywhere else.”

“The Sharpe-Way Group (specifically David Sharpe) was highly recommended to us by another obviously satisfied customer. We have had numerous unhappy experiences with other companies over the last 30 or so years and in fact looked after the money ourselves for 5 or 6 years. We thought it was a great idea at the time, but after a while we came to the conclusion that we are not financial experts and it was taking far too much of our time. Did I mention the worry, stress and sleepless nights? In any event, retirement was quickly approaching and we thought it was time (again) to try someone else that we could trust to watch our money. We decided to speak to David.

We liked Dave right off the bat. Down to earth, knowledgeable and sincere are the words my wife and I mentioned after our visit. We decided to take the plunge and we can honestly say that we are certainly happy that we did. Over time we have met Glen and the rest of the team who work diligently behind the scene, but David and Rebekah (Becky) are the main people we talk to. Dave calls us on a regular basis sometimes to simply update us on the status of our portfolio, or sometimes with recommendations or any changes he might suggest. But he always leaves the decision to us. He never talks down to us and he is never pushy. He really seems to be sincere in looking after our money rather than his own interests. He understands our wishes and needs and does everything he can to accommodate us. And our portfolio has performed.

We seem to be in contact with Rebekah most of all. She ensures that all transactions have gone through and is personable and extremely efficient. She always follows up any of our questions immediately and is constantly updating us. What can I say, we have only seen great people at The Sharpe-Way Group.

Regular informative seminars on a variety of topics, and regular updates on the various companies that comprise our portfolio complement everything else that they do. Bottom-line, The Sharpe-Way Group means great people and great service, and most importantly, as we have seen first hand, great results. We are extremely pleased that we made the switch to The Sharpe-Way Group. They seem to watch our money as if it was their own and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

By the way, we have been getting a good night’s sleep once again.”

“Some twenty odd years ago I was working in the construction industry, putting in twelve and fourteen hour days; my wife was running a medium-sized property management company which meant she was on call twenty-four seven. I was tired of receiving invitations to financial planning seminars and other service-marketing events which I did neither the time to attend nor the expertise to understand if I did. So I took the unusual step (in my opinion) of asking David if he would come to my office for a meeting. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed when he immediately agreed. We had a very comfortable one on one chat, and David seemed to have a grasp of my immediate needs as well as long term goals. From that day forward, David had control of my account. My contact needs were limited and both David and his staff respected my time while providing all of the service I required. Jump to the present. It needs to be said that in the investment industry, the continuity of staff at The Sharpe-Way Group is very notable. I am not comfortable dealing with finances where the faces change every week and ‘no one knows your name.’ This is certainly not the case with The Sharpe-Way Group. When I was fortunate enough to visit, I was greeted warmly, and was able to put faces with many of the people to whom I had spoken. I hope and believe I have been respectful of David and Glen’s time in all of our dealings through the years. All of my contacts with staff have been pleasant and helpful and my thanks goes out to them. Soon after the joining of Glen Way with the group, my wife and I began transition to retirement life. For us this was a very dramatic change. Among our largest worries of course, were finances. Glen and Jennifer stepped up to assist us with a full financial planning report and guided us through the process of estate planning as well. I cannot say to you how valuable this was and continues to be to us and to our family.

It would be over-statement to suggest we are treated as family but it we certainly have developed a courteous and respectful professional relationship which I do appreciate and recommend to you very highly. Yours truly,”

“My wife and I have been associated with Scotia Wealth Management for about 50 years. I have worked with you personally for about 30 years and have been on the “Partnership Plus” program since May of 2004.

I would like to state that you have always treated us with dignity and honesty and to the best of your ability have directed our investments, and later our estate planning completely to our satisfaction. I would like also to mention that your staff have been most helpful.”

“Glen Way and Scotia Wealth Management in Brampton have provided us with top level service over the years we have invested with. There is a good mix of attention to the client’s wishes while also considering the acceptable risk level.

Their use of modern technology results in easy regular updates of account activity which is supported by interpersonal contact whenever required. The office frequently holds seminars which provide useful information on a wide range of topics for those seeking financial or investment advice of a broader nature. We feel our portfolio is in good hands.”

“Have been a client for nearly ten years and would recommend them to anyone looking for a competent and reliable financial broker. Over these years, as the markets have fluctuated, they have provided sound advice as to what to buy, what to sell and when to hang in and not panic, which has resulted in overall excellent returns on my investments.”

“We just wanted to thank you again for coming today to review our Mom and Dad’s portfolio with them and for including us in the meeting. It’s a little more challenging these days for Dad to keep up with the paperwork. My sister and I help, as requested, and now feel better able to assist Dad. We can now put together a simple spreadsheet for him to visually track activity on their accounts so he feels more on top of the monthly statements.

Having met you and discussed their situation together, we both feel more comfortable that we have all taken the proper steps to be able to contact your office on behalf of Dad.

Both Mom and Dad have spoken highly of you and with good reason. You and your team have done an excellent job of protecting their assets and growing their investments. We knew that they had very good arrangements with you and your firm for accessing their funds as needed and believe that Mom now has a better understanding of what has been put in place for them.

Again, thank you.”

“We have been working with The Sharpe-Way Group for close to five years and have been extremely pleased with the level of service we have received from David and his team. The regular and timely communication, review meetings, emails and update seminars all reinforce the importance of keeping clients informed about their investment portfolios. They are very good at answering our questions and ensuring our portfolio is structured to our longer term goals and objectives. We have worked with a variety of financial advisors over the years, but The Sharpe-Way Group has been the best experience thus far.”

“We have been clients of David and Glen for over 20 years, and have witnessed their hard work, honesty and professionalism personally. We have always received excellent service and their investment advice has been very successful for us. Their team is friendly, available, and helpful. Very valuable extra services are offered with one on one discussions with specialists in the extended fields of estate planning, insurance, and retirement planning. David and Glen exude a passion for investing, and exhibit great leadership with their own personal philanthropy and generosity of time and money to this community. In short, they love this process, and we highly recommend their services.”