Who are our clients

Who are our clients

Our services cater to those who have reached or are moving towards a level of wealth that requires the use of strategies.

We ensure an adequate level of retirement income, a strategy to minimize taxes paid both during and past one’s lifetime, and a plan to provide for the efficient and smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation.

Our clients include

Our clients want solutions that help them reduce taxes while protecting and growing their wealth. Our clients have generated their wealth through various means; hard work and dedicated savings, intergenerational wealth transfer, or through the sale of their company or other significant assets.

Managing wealth can be complex and comes fraught with challenges. No one wants to pay more tax than they have to and our clients are no different. It is critical to consider the taxation of investing as it is to look at what types of investments are needed to meet your investment objectives.

We help you see the whole picture. In working together, we determine the appropriate balance between protecting, growing and generating income from your wealth. Given we work with most of our clients on a fee-based basis, we ensure you have plenty of flexibility entering and exiting your investments when the time is most ideal. We believe that as your circumstances change, you need the ability to change with them.

Your company is likely your biggest investment. As a direct result, you may have sizable retained earnings which might require strategies to minimize tax and optimize the wealth that can be transferred from your business to you and your family.

You generate a good income, have paid down your debts, and maximized your retirement savings – but you know you could do more. You are not quite sure your current advisor knows the full details of all the strategies to maximize the value of your savings while minimizing taxes. Come to think of it, you have not heard from your advisor since “RRSP Season” when it came time for your contribution.

If you are looking to sell your business, we will work with you and guide you through this sometimes complex transition. We will introduce you to our Scotia Wealth Management partners who have niche expertise in various business areas. These partners will be able to assist in valuing your business, mezzanine financing, setting up trusts, asset protection, development of a personalized wealth plan and management of your investment portfolio.

We will review strategies such as:

  • Insured retirement plans
  • Estate bonds
  • Individual pension plans/Retirement compensation agreements
  • Funding buy/sell agreements
  • Critical illness and disability protection
  • Key person protection

Much like other business owners and entrepreneurs, The Sharpe-Way Group works closely with our Scotia Wealth Management partners to ensure all of your wealth needs are being properly analyzed with the appropriate strategies implemented and monitored. In addition to this, we understand your Professional Corporation has unique challenges, opportunities and constraints.

We will review strategies such as:

  • Insured retirement plans
  • Estate bonds
  • Individual pension plans/Retirement compensation agreements

Retirement is something many strive for and as the time becomes near, the biggest and most intimidating factor is the amount of different options available. It can be overwhelming – especially when many do not know the target they are trying to hit.

Careful planning goes a long way to understanding what you need to do to prepare as best as you possibly can. It helps ease the transition from employment to retirement and finally, once retired, it helps confirm you stay on track. In short, it provides peace of mind during a time that is both exciting and stressful.

Taking the necessary time to understand your options and plan for your retirement is one of the services that we can provide. You want to ensure that you can take advantage of any opportunities that may arise plus have the confidence of professional advice guiding you.

We will help you:

  • Thoroughly review your retirement package so you know your options
  • Investigate tax deferral opportunities
  • Examine possible retirement allowances
  • Review your pension payment options
  • Review your cash flow in light of your various alternatives
  • Examine your company benefits
  • Prepare a personalized Retirement Income Projection

Many clients have an interest in creating a legacy, giving back to the community or giving to various charities, but may not understand the steps that are required to fulfill these goals. For those interested in charitable giving, we offer a complete range of services to assist them in achieving their philanthropic goals. Scotiatrust® is the largest provider of Philanthropic Advisory Services to private foundations in Canada offering services to help establish, manage and administer private foundations. Additionally, our team works closely with local Community Foundations and assists with planned gifts to individual charities that satisfy personal, tax and philanthropic goals.

We are also proud of The Sharpe-Way Group Endowment Fund at the Brampton and Area Community Foundation.

Our key advantage: As a member of the Scotia Wealth Management, we draw on a high level of expertise across many different financial disciplines to provide a fully coordinated plan that addresses all of your wealth management needs: from investment management and funding a successful and enjoyable retirement to minimizing taxes, estate planning and private banking.

A partnership with The Sharpe-Way Group starts with learning about you: what is important for you today and in the future. What you are comfortable with and what you are not. We look at short and longer-term goals, concerns, worries, wants and desires. It is from this foundation we design your wealth plan.